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The Shangpa Kagyü Resource Center intends to form a collaborative and multilingual platform to share and preserve digital texts and information concerning the Shangpa Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. This database for translation work, research and university studies aims at facilitating cooperation and exchanges in projects of common interest, thereby enriching the lineage and its teachings.


The Shangpa Kagyu Resource Center is a participative project that will evolve according to contributions, thanks to international collaboration. Masters, Dharma Centers and practitioners are welcome to participate in the gathering of documents that will benefit the Shangpa lineage and all sentient beings.



General classification: This section consist of traditional catalogues of Shangpa texts by Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thayé and Gyurmé Dechen. Each catalogue is significant and sorts the texts of the tradition.

The Shangpa Collections: This section includes the charts of various collections of Shangpa texts. Each chart has hypertext links to its own texts and each text includes up to several links to the original manuscripts available on The Buddhist Digital Archives (BUDA by the BDRC).

General History: This section brings together extracts from books containing informations relating to the Shangpa lineage and its masters.


This section enables a direct access to the texts related to their main subject. Those subjects are selected based on the catalogues of Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thayé.

Persons & Places

Those sections contain information about people and places found in the various Shangpa texts.

Search the library

The search engine has to be improved to enable searches in unicode texts. Works in wylie transliteration and english.


Some translations (in the form of PDF files) are available according to your accreditation. Please contact us.

New material

2024-06-23 Excerpt from rnam gling gi lo rgyus rig gnas mdor bstan by 'od yug bstan 'dzin

2024-06-08 Excerpt from chos 'byung mkhas pa'i dga' ston by dpa' bo 02 gtsug lag 'phreng ba
2024-06-07 Excerpt from chos 'byung bstan pa'i padma rgyas pa'i nyin byed by 'brug chen 04 pad+ma dkar po
2024-06-05 Excerpt from deb ther sngon po by 'gos lo tsA ba gzhon nu dpal.
2024-05-12 rje btsun grags pa rgyal mtshan pa'i rnam thar gsal byed dngul dkar me long.
2024-04-25 snyan brgyud kyi man ngag rdo rje'i tshig gi mdud 'grol.
2024-04-25 Cataloguing of skye sku zhang 'gu dgon gyi a gros nyar tshags byed pa'i dpe rnying rtsa chen skor.
2024-04-07 'byams gcod 2.
2024-04-03 bar do gsum gyi gdams pa bsdus pa by Rinchen Lodrö?.
2024-03-31 'byams gcod rnam gsum bsdus pa by Nenyingpa Aï Sengé.
2024-03-29 chos drug gi gsung sgros completed.
2024-03-29 ni gu chos drug gi khrid yig mkhas btsun gzhon nu grub kyis mdzad pa by Shönu Drup.
2024-03-29 rje btsun phyogs las rnam rgyal gyis mdzad pa'i ne gu chos drug gi brgyud rim gsol 'debs by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2024-01-29 tshogs rnams kyi zur 'debs kyi zhal shes shin tu gsang ba'i yig chung rnams by Gelek Pelsang.
2023-04-09 Cataloguing of untitled volume W8LS36545.
2023-03-30 ni gu chos drug gi khrid yig by Shönu Drup.
2023-03-12 chos rje'i rnam par thar pa updated.
2023-02-23 bdag med ma'i nang khrid by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2023-02-18 'khrul 'khor phyag len by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2023-02-16 tshogs 'khor sdus pa'i lag len by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2023-02-14 khrid kyi rim pa and tsog pu'i yon tan by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2023-02-12 sgyu lus 'dzin pa rang grol (alternative version).
2023-02-11 khyad 'phags 'od gsal 'char sgo ngos 'dzin by Bodong Cholé Namgyel, a version of khyad 'phags 'char sgo ngos 'dzin of Sangyé Tönpa and Aï Sengé.
2023-02-11 chos drug gi zin dris by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2023-01-22 mkha' spyod ma dkar mo'i byin rlabs kyi bka' + dbang gi cho ga by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2023-01-20 'chi med ye shes kyi khrid by Bodong Cholé Namgyel.
2022-10-14 dpal ldan shangs pa bka' brgyud kyi chos 'byung gser chos zhing gi sa bon part 1 and part 2 by rdo rje tshe dbang.
2022-05-31 nyin gcig gi bza' btung byin rlabs mkhas grub khyung po'i zhal gdams by Kalu Dorjé Chang.
2022-04-07 sde brgyad srog gi 'khor lo by Khyungpo Neljor.
2022-04-04 lha mo re ma ti'i sgrub thabs kun gyi bcud bsdus gnad bskul by Sangyé Tönpa.
2022-04-02 bsgrub khrigs yid bzhin nor bu by Khyungpo Neljor.
2022-04-01 mgon po'i gnad 'bebs dngos grub kun 'byung by Khyungpo Neljor.
2022-04-01 phyag drug pa'i khrid yig by Sangyé Tönpa.
2022-03-28 gtso 'khor rnams kyi dbang bskur skabs dang skang bshags dus su 'kho ba rgyan gyi mnga' dbul by Khyungpo Neljor.
2022-03-20 mgon po snying zhugs kyi gdams pa 'pho ba dang bcas pa
2022-03-05 mkhas grub khyung po'i zhal gdam ngag byin brlab sogs
2022-03-01 Exerpts from the catalog of transmissions (gsan yig) recieved by Künga Drölchok (1495/1507-1566)
2022-02-22 'od zer chen po'i mchog dbang
2022-02-19 dpal ma hA ka la phyag drug pa'i las tshogs rgya gzhung dang bcas pa
2022-02-17 dug gsum dag byed zhal gyi bdud rtsi (Sangyé Nyentön) and zhal shes.
2022-02-14 snang pa sems su btsan thabs su ngo sprod pa'i gdams pa (author unknown).
2022-02-11 Update: bde mchog lha lnga'i mchod phreng and bde mchog lha lnga'i mngon rtogs mnyam med pas mdzad pa
2022-02-05 lus gsum 'chi med rang grol and sgyu lus rmi lam gyi 'byams gcod + annotated version.